Publication date :
22 March 2005
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Other joint initiatives

Here you will find different types of joint initiatives concluded by the cross-industry European social partners. They include: joint analysis, recommendations, reports, case studies, etc. 

  • Sub-group Report: Supporting better implementation of EU social partners autonomous framework agreements and strengthening capacities of social partner organisations, December 2020 EN
  • European social partners’ joint contribution Report by Andrea Nahles on social dialogue, 18/12/2020 EN
  • Joint Recommendations on Promoting Social Partnership in Employee Training, 19/06/2018 EN
  • European Social Partners Statement on the Multiannual Financial Framework, 21/03/2018 EN
  • The European Partnership for Integration - Offering opportunities for Refugees to integrate the European Labour Market, 20/12/2017 Available in 22 languages here
  • A Shared Vision for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships and Work-based Learning,  02/12/2016 EN 
  • Joint Statement of the European Social Partners at the Tripartite Social Summit, 19/102016 EN  
  • Joint Letter by the ETUC and BusinessEurope on Industrial Policy, 19/10/2016 EN
  • Quadripartite statement signed by the European social partners, the European Commission and the Council on A New Start for Social Dialogue, 27/06/2016 EN
  • Towards a Shared Vision of Apprenticeships Joint statement of the European social partners, 30/05/2016 EN
  • Joint statement by BusinessEurope and ETUC on Industrial Policy, 16/03/2016 EN
  • Joint statement of the European social partners on Digitalisation, 16/03/2016 EN
  • Joint statement of the EU economic and social partners on the Refugee Crisis, 16/03/2016 EN DE EL FR HU IT 
  • In-Depth Employment Analysis of the European Social Partners, 16/07/2015 EN*
  • Joint statement on the Europe 2020 Strategy, 04/07/2010 ENES HR
  • Report on joint work of the European social partners on the ECJ rulings in the Viking, Laval, Rüffert and Luxembourg cases, 19/03/2010 EN 
  • Joint letter from the European social partners on childcare, 07/07/2008 EN*   
  • Reconciliation of professional, private and family life: Social Partners progress report, 07/02/2008 EN*   
  • Key challenges facing European labour markets: European social partners joint analysis, 18/10/2007 
  • Lessons learned on EWCs, 07/04/2005  
  • Orientations for reference to manage change, 16/10/2003 EN* FR   HR (+annex EN FR