Circular Economy


As part of the Work Programme of the EU Social Partners, ETUC, Business Europe, SME United and CEEP launched a project on circular economy and the world of work.

This project has the following objectives:

  • Analyse the impact of the transition to the circular economy both from the point of view of employers and workers perspective. This concerns creation of jobs, changing jobs and tasks. It evaluates the developments over the last years and undertakes a forecasting/analysis of expectations for the coming years.
  • Look at the ways to respond to the changes and challenges of the transition in terms of skills updating, re-skilling and training of workers. Such responses shall ensure that workers have the appropriate skills to take up the new job opportunities when they start their professional career.
  • Study the changes in the organisation of work triggered by a shift to a circular economy as well as  the potential impacts on occupational health and safety risks.
  • Reflect on the role that social partners could play to support the shift to a circular economy and manage the potential challenges brought by this transition.


Project Activities:

In the framework of this project, European Social Partners have asked an external consultant, Trinomics, to carry out a study to answer the questions listed above. This study consists in a review of the existing literature, a series of sectoral and national interviews as well as an online survey.

European Social Partners are organising 3 cluster seminars, each one focusing on specific countries, to discuss specific issues faced by EU regions. Details about these seminars can be found below:


  • Cluster seminar 1 (29 October 2020) – Virtual meeting

Countries concerned: Denmark – Czech Republic – Germany – Belgium

Background documents:

Discussion paper of this meeting

Draft agenda

Participant List

- Presentations: UFDW Jesper Lund-Larsen || EPSU cross sectoral dialogue || NNOF Our circular story || TRINOMICS Laurent Zibell


  • Cluster seminar 2 (28 January) – Virtual meeting

Countries concerned: Slovenia – Finland – Spain - Netherlands

Background documents:

Discussion paper of this meeting

- Final Agenda

Participant List

- Presentations: L&T || FNV, Caroline Rietbergen (NL) || Circle Economy, Esther Goodwin Brown || Circle Economy - LC Paper || ILO, Marek Harsdorff || Trinomics, Laurent Zibell


  • Cluster seminar 3 (20 April - Place TBC)

Countries concerned: Italy – Poland – Greece - France


At the end of the project, desk research, interviews, on-line surveys and cluster seminars will be concluded in a final report presented by Trinomics at a final conference.