Publication date :
1 June 2020
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This framework agreement is the shared commitment of the European cross-sectoral social partners to optimise the benefits and deal with the challenges of digitalisation in the world of work.



This Autonomous Agreement has been concluded by the European cross-sectoral social partners and applies to the whole of the EU/EEA.

It covers all workers and employers in the public and private sectors and in all economic activities including in activities using online platforms where an employment relationship exists, as defined nationally.

When referring to ‘enterprises’ in this agreement, we mean organisations from private and public sector.

When referring to ‘workers representatives’ in this agreement, the prerogatives of trade union representatives are to be recognised, in accordance with national law and practice.



This framework agreement aims to:

  • Raise awareness and improve understanding of employers, workers and their representatives of the opportunities and challenges in the world of work resulting from the digital transformation;
  • Provide an action-oriented framework to encourage, guide and assist employers, workers and their representatives in devising measures and actions aimed at reaping these opportunities and dealing with the challenges, whilst taking into account existing initiatives, practices and collective agreements;
  • Encourage a partnership approach between employers, workers and their representatives;
  • Support development of a human-oriented approach to integration of digital technology in the world of work, to support/assist workers and enhance productivity;


  • Outlining a joint dynamic circular process, which takes into account the different roles and responsibilities of the different actors and can be tailored to different national, sectoral and/or enterprise situations, industrial relations systems, jobs and different digital technologies/tools;
  • Highlighting concrete approaches, actions and measures, which employers, workers and their representatives can use, according to their specific needs and circumstances, to tackle topics such as skills, work organisation and working conditions.


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ETUC Interpretation Guide Digitalisation Agreement
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