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8 March 2017
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Active Ageing

In response to the challenges deriving from demographic change, the European social partners, the ETUC, BusinessEurope, UEAPME (Now SMEunited) and CEEP (and the liaison committee EUROCADRES/CEC), agreed in the context of their 2015-2017 Work Programme to negotiate an autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and an inter-generational approach.

On 8 March 2017, and after nine months of negotiations, the European cross-industry social partners approved their 5th autonomous framework agreement, this time on active ageing and an inter-generational approach (AAIA). 

The aim of the agreement is to ensure a healthy, safe and productive working environment and work organisation to enable workers of all ages to remain in work until legal retirement age. It is also to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience between generations at the workplace and takes into account the changing national demographic and labour market realities.

The ETUC, BusinessEurope, the UEAPME (now SMEunited), and CEEP signed and handed over the agreement to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council President Donald Tusk and Maltese Prime Minister Muscat on Wednesday 8 March 2017, during a signature ceremony. The agreement will be implemented by the members of the signatory organisations across Europe.

Implementation reports

The Yearly Joint Table summarising ongoing social partners activities on the implementation of the Framework agreement on Active Ageing and an Intergenerational approach is available below.

Framework agreement on Active Ageing and an Inter-generational Approach - An ETUC interpretation guide

In order to support the implementation of this framework agreement, the ETUC, in collaboration with its member organisations, has developed an interpretation guide providing an overview on the content of the agreement. The guide looks at each chapter, focusing on the main issues at stake as discussed throughout the negotiations. 

It is downloadable below in English, French, German, Hungarian and Polish.


Active Ageing and Inter-generational Approach_Framework Agreement - EN.pdf
AAIA_Framework Agreement - BG.pdf- Bulgarian Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - CZ.pdf- Czech Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - DE.pdf- German Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - EE.pdf- Estonian Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - FR.pdf- French Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - LV.pdf- Latvian Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - NL.pdf- Dutch Download
AAIA_Framework Agreement - PL.pdf- Polish Download
Final Implementation report_Active Ageing Agreement Nov 2021.pdf
3rd Joint Implementation Report Active Ageing and an Inter-generational Approach (2020) - EN
2nd Joint Implementation Report Active Ageing and an Inter-generational Approach (2019) - EN
Active Ageing and Inter-generational Approach 2018_1st joint implementation table_FINAL.pdf
Active Ageing and Inter-generational Approach_Interpretation Guide_EN.pdf
AAIA_Interpretation Guide_DE- German Download
AAIA_Interpretation Guide_FR- French Download
AAIA_Interpretation Guide_HU- Hungarian Download
AAIA_Interpretation Guide_PL- Polish Download