EU SD and Capacity Building 2016-2018


Since 2004, the four EU cross-sectoral social partners’ organisations - ETUC, BUSINESSEUROPE, CEEP and UEAPME - have jointly created, developed and run a number of activities under the “Integrated Projects of the EU Social Dialogue” (formerly the “Integrated Programme”). The Integrated Projects include project activities, research, expertise work, conferences, seminars, workshops and other types of meetings aiming to mobilise social partners at national and EU levels, and strengthen cooperation of social partners from all EU Member States as well as candidate countries.  

The objective of the Integrated Projects is to foster the effective participation of national social partners in the EU social dialogue, and address challenges jointly identified.  

Over the years, the Integrated Projects have proved to be a central tool for reinforcing the link between the national and European social dialogues, as well as identifying relevant issues for the EU social partners, sometimes with a clear link with their Autonomous Work Programme.

The below-listed events were organised to reach these objectives: