EU SD and Capacity Building 2012


As part of their project on "Resource Centre of the European Social Dialogue 2012", the European social partners organised a series of four seminars on the implementation of EU social dialogue texts and instruments at national level, in particular framework agreements and frameworks of actions.

The objective is to improve the implementation of EU social dialogue autonomous instruments, in particular in a number of EU Member States in which a lack of or insufficient implementation has been observed in the past.

The seminars will provide an opportunity to discuss implementation practices, experiences and challenges in twelve EU countries.

They will be designed in a way which allows for an exchange of practices with social partners coming from other European countries. Moreover, they will allow participants to learn about opportunities and tools available at European level which could help national social partners to achieve a better implementation.

These meetings will also address specific issues such as the presentation of EU social dialogue instruments and texts, the involvement of national social partners in the EU social dialogue process, the development of synergies between the EU level and the national level and / or the development of bipartite national structures, the specificities of national situations.

You will find below all information on the seminars' dates, locations and countries covered:

Seminar 1 

Location: Sofia (BG)

Organiser: ETUC

Dates: 11-12/04/2012

Countries: Bulgaria, Romania,Slovakia



 Actions plans:


Seminar 2

Location: Tallinn (EE)


Dates: 22-23/05/2012

Countries: Estonia, Latvia Lithuania



Action plans:


Seminar 3 

Location: Berlin (DE)


Dates: 21-22/06/2012

Countries: Germany, Italy, Spain




Seminar 4 

Location: Nicosia (CY)

Organiser: ETUC

Dates: 04-05/10/2012

Countries: Cyprus, Greece, Malta



Action plans