Fact-finding seminar: Skills, innovation, provision of and access to training, 26/06/2019

The European Social Partners have previously underlined the importance of putting a greater emphasis on the knowledge triangle, i.e. better links between education, research and innovation. This can help: maximise the innovation potential within companies; provide workers with possibilities to use and develop their competences and skills within enterprises; and foster productivity, job creation and better working conditions.

In order to explore the factors that foster innovation at enterprise level, including how training opportunities can be better utilised to foster innovation and respond to the changing needs of the labour markets, the European Social Partners have decided to organise a fact-finding seminar to discuss these issues further and to better understand where there is room to work together. We have looked at how to improve links between enterprises, including their employees and research institutes/universities/innovation centres/students. This was also partly a follow-up to the European Social Partners project on employee training.


Background Documents