Decentralised seminar on capacity building focused on candidate countries and the Balkan region, Serbia, 24-25 October 2019

This two-day event aimed to provide an important input into the discussions on social dialogue at European level about how to promote and support social dialogue across different contexts. The seminar covered the following topics:

  • Follow up of the 2018 “cluster seminar on capacity building”
  • Capacity-Building needs and membership development
  • The results of the European social dialogue at different levels


The seminar gathered affiliates of the European cross-sectoral social partners and of the relevant EU sectoral social partners.


Documents & Presentations


List of Participants


  • State of play of the national social dialogues, examples from Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

          - Christiane Westphal, Policy officer – International Issues unit, DG Emp, Social Affairs and Inclusion, EC

          - Jovan PROVIC, National Coordinator for Serbia, ILO

  • National practices from an EU Member State

          - Natalja PREISA, LBAS, Latvia

          - Annick HELLEBUYCK, VBO-FEB, Belgium