Training and Mentoring

To provide capacity-building opportunities within the framework of the European social dialogue, the ETUC Resource Centre organises the European Social Dialogue Academy for national trade unions based in the EU and candidate countries. 

How does it work?

20 participants will get acquainted with the functioning of the cross-industry and sectoral EU social dialogue level. They will also have the opportunity to exchange with representatives from trade unions (cross industry and European federations), employer’s organisations (BusinessEurope, CEEP, UEAPME) and European Institutions (e.g. European Parliament, EESC, Social Dialogue Committee).

During the training participants are able to take part in one or more of the following activities: 

  • Observation of a social dialogue activity (i.e. Social Dialogue Committee);
  • Observation of an EU institution activity relating to employment and social issues (i.e. EP Employment Committee hearings, EESC meetings, etc.);  
  • Meetings with stakeholders from the European scene such as the ETUC and its European Industry Federations, the ETUI, the European Commission, the European Parliament; 
  • Training workshops on the European cross-industry and sectoral social dialogue. 

Who can apply? 

Trade unionists from the EU Member States and the candidate countries, with a working knowledge of English, who would like to learn more about the European social dialogue and further develop their negotiation skills. 

Where to find more information on past Training & Mentoring sessions? 

Below you can find more details about the participants and content of the "Training & Mentoring" activities already organised. 

How to apply?  
ETUC member organisations will receive an invitation letter in order to register.


European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA) 2017 Session 2

European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA) 2017 Session 1


European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA) 2016 Session 2

  • Agenda (20-22 June 2016)
  • List of participants
  • Presentations and documents
    • Framework of Actions on Youth Employment
    • The European Commission’s Role in European Social Dialogue


European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA) 2016 Session 1

  • Agenda (2-4 May 2016)
  • List of participants
  • Presentations and documents
    • ETUC
    • European Social Dialogue
    • The Work Programmes of the European Social Partners
    • The Role of the Social Partners in the European Semester (Eurofound)
    • The European Pillar of Social Rights
    • Sectoral Social Dialogue – UniEuropa and IndustriAll

European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA) 2014-2015 Session 2

European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA)  2014 - 2015 Session 1


 Training and Mentoring group of May 2010 - June 2010

 Training and Mentoring group of October 2009 - January 2010


 Training and Mentoring group of December 2008 - March 2009


 Training and Mentoring group of April - June 2008


  Training and Mentoring group of February - May 2008