Resources for trade unions

Several tools are available to trade unions and social partners to help them find EC calls for proposals that meet their training, research or capacity-building needs on issues linked to social dialogue and industrial relations. Other resources also provide technical assistance in project submission and management.

A first tool, called "The EU Information Service Library" has been developed by the  ETUI Education department. It gives updated information about the opportunities provided by the European Union for funding trade union projects. Please visit the ETUI dedicated pages on this issue for more detailed information.

Furthermore, the ETUI Education department also organises training sessions on strategic and project management.

Finally, the Social Development Agency asbl (through its Infopoint project) gives technical assistance to social partner organisations in the submission of projects under budget heading "Information, Consultation and Participation of representatives of undertakings". Please visit the SDA dedicated pages on the Infopointproject for more details.