Resource Centre

In the framework of their fourth Work Programme 2012-2014 , the European social partners declared: "As agreed in the framework of the 2006-2008 and 2009-2010 work programmes, and building on the lessons learned from previous implementation processes and on the findings of the 2012 seminars on this issue, we will jointly ensure better impact and/or implementation of EU social dialogue instruments throughout Europe". In this light, the ETUC Resource Centre has been developed by the ETUC to strengthen EU national trade union organisations' knowledge and skills on social dialogue issues.

The ETUC Resource Centre consists of a variety of measures that address the specific needs of trade unionists involved in social dialogue negotiations at national and European level.

  • Translation fund
    In order to promote full implementation of EU social dialogue texts throughout Europe, a fund for translating texts negotiated through the EU social dialogue into languages of EU member states as well as candidate countries has been created.
  • European Social Dialogue Academy (ESDA)
    To provide capacity-building opportunities within the framework of the European social dialogue, the ETUC Resource Centre organises tailored training and mentoring seminars for national trade unions based in the EU and candidate countries.
The European social partners organised tailored training and mentoring seminars for national representatives based in candidate countries in 2012.

  • Opportunities for new Member States
    The ETUC regularly runs transnational seminars addressing participants from the new EU Member States on EU policy and legislative developments on European social dialogue. Click below to know more about objectives, timetable and conditions to take part in these seminars.
Furthermore, trade union organisations affiliated to the ETUC have the opportunity to themselves organise national seminars on the issues of European social dialogue. Click below to read about conditions for applying.