EU SSD translations

The translation  fund is available for translating documents produced by the European cross-industry social dialogue as well as agreements negotiated in the framework of the European sectoral social dialogue with a direct link and/or deriving from cross-industry social dialogue texts.

In this page you will find the texts of the European sectoral social dialogue translated to date via the translation fund.

Cross-industry social dialogue translated texts are available under the section "EU social dialogue".

  • Framework of actions on competencies, qualifications and anticipation of change in the European electricity sector, EPSU - Industriall - Eurelectric

            EN  ES  FR  CZ  SV

  • Framework of actions on recruitment and retention, EPSU - HOSPEEM

            EN  BU  FI

  • Joint position paper of the Social Partner organisations from the construction sector (EFBWW-EFBH) – “The joint Stoiber statement
    EN*  DE  FR  ES  IT  NL  SW
  • Joint study EFFAT – CEFS “Employability in the sugar industry in the context of restructuring 
    EN*ES  IT  PL
  • Joint study EPSU – Euroelectric “Towards a low carbon electricity industry: employment effects & opportunities for the social partners
    EN*DE  ES  FR  TR;
  • EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee - "Framework of Actions on Gender Equality"
    EN *FR  SV
  • Joint Project UITP/ETF: Final report WISE