ESF for Capacity Building of Social Partners


On the 30th March 2015 the European Social Partners organised a one-day seminar in Riga, during the Latvian Presidency, to present good practice examples of how the ESF can be used for capacity building of social dialogue and the role played by social partners.


Contributions came from the European Commission and the European Social Partners on the the Code of Conduct on Partnership, which was introduced for the first time during this programming period. National level experiences and practives were also highlighted.

This meeting was followed by the Forum of Social Partners, an event organised in the context of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Please see the ETUC statement on this event below, or click here to view this on the ETUC website (login required).

The ETUC welcomes the priority given to social dialogue by the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU. At the Forum of Social Partners, held in Riga on 31st March 2015, employers and trade-unions at European and national level reaffirmed their commitment to further develop bi- and tripartite social dialogue at all levels. Building upon the recent event organised by the European Commission on March 5th 2015, “A New Start for Social Dialogue”, the event in Riga further highlighted the added value of strong, independent and representative social partners to ensure the creation of quality jobs and the sustainable development which is needed.

“Social dialogue is not optional; it is part and parcel of the EU social model and enshrined in the Treaty. The Commission also has a proactive role to play in its support” said Patrick Itschert, adding that “Reforms are not an aim in themselves; they constitute a tool for a successful exit of the crisis”.

More activities towards capacity building of social partners have to be dedicated through opportunities such as the European Social Fund or other European level initiatives.